Saturday, February 20, 2010

Local Goverment Engineering Department

Local goverment Engineering department
Office of the Executive Engineer,Sirajgonj.
1.Ministry /Division:Local Goverment Division.
2.Agency:Local goverment Engineering department
3.Procuring Entity Name:Executive Engineer,Sirajgonj.
4.Procuring Entity District:Sirajgonj.
5.Invitation For:Tender /Works/1.Lot
6.Invitation Ref.No.: LGED/XEN/SIRAJ/Tender/
7.Date: 18/02/2010.
8.Procurement Method: NCT (Open)
9.Budget and Source of Funds: GOB.
10.Development Partners : N/A.
11.Project Name: Rural Road,Bridge /Culvert & other Infrastructure
            development project for union proved upazilas of country
            (Pabna,Sirajganj.Natore,Naounga,Rajshahi,Nobabganj &
             Bogra Zila).
12.Tender Package No.:  Seraj-UNR-005/09-10.
13.Tender Package Name:  Given in identication of lot in
14.Tender Publication Date: 22/02/2010.
15.Tender Last Selling Date: 23/03/2010.
16.Tender Closing Date and Time:  24/03/2010 at 1:00 pm.
17.Tender Opening Date and Time: 24/03/2010. at 3:00 pm.
18.Name and Address of the Office(s): Address.
          (1)Selling Tender Document (Others):(a)Office of the Project
              Director,Rural Road,Brige/Culvert & other Infrastructure
              development project for union proved upazilas of North-
              west side of country (Pabna,Sirajganj,Nator,Rajshahi,
              Nobabganj &Bogra Zila).LGED , Agargaon,Ser-E-Bangla
              Nagar,Dhaka-1207. (b) Office of the Deputy Commissioner
              Sirajgonj. (c) Office of the Superentendent of Police,
              Sirajgonj. (d) Office of the Executive Engineer,LGED,
              Natore, (e) Office of the Upazila Engineer,Sadar,
        (2) Receiving Tender Document: (a)Office of the Deputy
             Commissioner Sirajgonj. (b) Office of the Superentendent
             of Police, Sirajgonj. (c) Office of the Executive Engineer,
             LGED,Sirajgonj , (e) Office of the Upazila Engineer,Sadar,
        (3) Office of the Executive Engineer, LGED Sirajgonj.
20.Eligibility of Tender: Qualification Criteria given in Tender Date
         Sheet of Tender Document.
21.Package no.-Seraj-UNR-005/09-10: ( Improvement of Pipul-
          baria-Songacha UP road {Ch.2280-5400} under Sadar
          Estimated cost: 12076399.00
          Tender Security Amount (Tk.) : 242000/-
          Price of Tender Document : 3000/-
          Completion Time & Days:120 (One Hundred Twenty days)
22.Name of Official Inviting Tender : Md. Abdur Rashid Miah.
23.Designation of Official Inviting Tender: Executive Engineer.
24.Address of Official inviting Tender : LGED, Sirajgonj.
25.Contact details of Official inditing Tender: 0751-62207.
26.Special Instructions:
        (i) work order will be given after getting approval from the
           competent authority (If nessary).
        (ii)Payment will be made to the contractor subject to the
            availability of fund against the Project.
       (iii)Tender schedule purchase money receipt (Original)
           Should be attached with the dropping tender.
       (iv)Rate should be quoted item wish.If the bidder quoted
            his bid/Tender price more than 5% (five Percent) less
            or above than the official estimated cost.
            Then the bid/Tender shall be summarily rejected as per
            Public Procurement (2nd amendment) act's 2009.
       (v)A General information regarding the bidding will be available
          at the LGED Web site (httb/www.lged and CPTU
          website  (http/
       (vi)Tender will be evaluate as per PPR 2008 and next
           amendment ( 2nd amendment) 2009.
27.The Procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject
       all tender.

                                                       Md.Abdur Rashid Miah
                                                      Executive Engineer

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